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  1. Carolyn Scott

    Eating Healthily at Disney’s Epcot

    We’re in the thick of summer and that means family vacations and theme parks! If you’re setting out on a summer tour of Florida and thinking about some of the Orlando theme parks, Walt Disney World Resort has got you covered if you or anyone in your vacationing group follows...
  2. Carolyn Scott

    To Dine in Tallahassee

    Tallahassee, the state capital of Florida, home to FSU and lots of good healthy options for a healthy voyager like me! I’m guessin’ that the college crowd, just like in Gainesville, creates a demand for special diet friendly food and for that, I am thankful to today’s university crew! Tallahassee...
  3. Carolyn Scott

    Goin’ Back to Gainesville

    And we’re back!  Gainesville had so much deliciousness to offer that we had to come up with round 2! So if you’re on a road trip, taking a tour of Florida or taking a guided tour of the local colleges for future enrollment, you gotta make it a point to...
  4. Carolyn Scott

    Grubbin’ in Gainesville

    While I am a proud University of Miami Alum, yep, I’m a Hurricane, I have to give props to the Florida town that is home to the University of Florida. Gator Town, that is. Good ol’ Gainesville had a smorgasboard of healthy and vegany goodness and I am excited to...
  5. Carolyn Scott

    Escambia Encore

    And we’re back for some more here in Escambia County, Florida. Namely, Pensacola ; ) Filled with history (did you know that it really is the oldest colony in the U.S.?) and lots of beautiful waterfront views, this city by the gulf has lots to offer healthy, hungry tourists! Before...

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