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  1. Carolyn Scott

    Hike The Inca Trail With Healthy Voyager Tours

    Healthy Voyager Tours re-launches this November with the first of many breathtaking trips to come, with the Inca Adventure in association with Intrepid Travel. Your healthy, special diet and healthy adventure takes place in Peru’s Urubamba Valley, known as the Sacred Valley of the Incas,  that lies between Cuzco and...
  2. Carolyn Scott

    Vegas Baby

    Vegas may be a place where you can lose a lot of money but it’s also the place that keeps on giving!  With healthier and vegan dining options that is!  Every time I go back, a new spot opens up making the City of Sin the new hot spot for...
  3. Carolyn Scott

    Another Look At Asheville

    Here I am again, yappin’ about Asheville, NC ; ) There is just to much good food to not tell you about!! So make sure you keep this info handy if you’re ever passin’ through or passin’ time in this healthy, mountainous munch fest of a town! If you want...
  4. Carolyn Scott

    Awesome Asheville

    Asheville is one of those cities where a health nut need not worry. Most restaurants in this quaint mountain town have options or will easily accommodate almost any special diet with a smile ; ) It was a real treat to be in the hospitable south without worrying about loads...
  5. Claire

    What is Tempeh?

    Vegan, vegetarian, or meat-eater, tempeh is an excellent soy-based, high protein alternative to any meat dish. Made from soybeans, tempeh tastes great and is so good for you.
  6. Brock Picken

    Organic Fair-Trade Vegan Chocolate

    Comment Marta is gone so Brock does a product review in preparation for Valentines day. You guessed it, CHOCOLATE! This chocolate is from a company called “Live on Chocolate” ( It’s handmade, organic, fair trade, and vegan! Watch to see if Brock leaves any for Marta… Marta is gone...

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