1. Penny Moore

    Sugar and the Vegan Cleanse

    Two hundred years ago, the average American consumed about ten pounds of sugar per year. Before the Industrial Revolution sugar in its original form had nutritional value. Sugar is the body’s primary source of fuel and in its natural form is beneficial and necessary. When sugar started to be processed...
  2. Brock Picken

    Best & Worst Foods for Optimal pH Balance

    http://fitfortwo.tv Brock discusses the effect certain foods have on the pH levels of our body. Foods such as raw nuts, cold-pressed oils, and green veggies help our body to become alkaline, while foods such as processed foods, animal proteins, and refined sugars cause an acidic state, leading to illness and...
  3. Claire

    A new way to get Vitamin D

    A couple of months ago I went for my annual physical and my doctor told me that I need to start taking a vitamin D supplement, especially in the Winter. I don’t have a problem taking vitamins, I have a problem remembering to take the vitamins. Not only that but...

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