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  1. Carolyn Scott

    Nashville’s Healthy Eats

    Nashville, Tennessee. Another city seeded in music, country and country pop oozes from this town. Also known as NashVegas, Music City and of course, The Grand Ole Opry, this town is pulsing with music ¬†and actually, it’s overflowing with flavor too! Follow me to see where to find some great...
  2. Carolyn Scott

    Compassionate Eats in Orland, California

      Not really known for being a hot tourist town, Orland, California is actually quite special. With hundreds of people visiting this small farm town north of Sacramento, the main attraction is Farm Sanctuary. A beautiful farm dedicated to saving farm animals from slaughterhouses and other awful environments, giving them...
  3. Carolyn Scott

    Healthy Eats in Chico

    Known for being a college town surrounded by farmland, Chico is a great little town in California. Just north of Sacramento, Chico has a great downtown area that is packed with cute shops, nice restaurants and an awesome park. It’s a fun place for a little excursion and a fab...
  4. Carolyn Scott

    Healthy Food in Fresno

    Located in the central valley of California, Fresno is home to the Forestiere Underground Gardens and the gateway to Yosemite National Park. Whether you’re driving through or spending time on a road trip through California, Fresno has plenty of great vegan and gluten free options to keep you smiling up...
  5. Carolyn Scott

    Vegan Eats in Brooklyn

    Despite having spent so much time in Manhattan, I’m not ready to leave without looking into the delicious, healthy and vegan eats available across the East River in Brooklyn! So many hip neighborhoods and so much good food, let’s get started! Being in a concrete jungle, amongst all the hustle...
  6. Brock Picken

    First Niagara Veg Fest 2012

    Comment Marta and Brock visit St. Catharines, ON to attend the first ever Niagara Veg Fest. For more info, check out: Find us: Follow us on Instagram @fitfortwotv

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