Tips for a Beginner Vegan

Tips for a Beginner Vegan

Have you decided to make the switch to a vegan lifestyle? Going vegan is a decision many people make and it’s one that is very rewarding. That first step, however, can be a little difficult. Because of that, we’ve come up with a few tips for all the beginner vegans out there!

Know What You’re Getting In To

Making the switch to a vegan diet is a rewarding journey. If you’re ready to get started on this path, you’ll need to do your research. Calling yourself a vegan, but not fully understanding what that means can cause you to make some mistakes that you probably want to avoid.

Discover What You Can Eat

By going vegan, your diet is getting a major makeover. You’ll find out that a lot of foods are made with animal byproducts, which can be pretty surprising. To prevent yourself from eating something that’s a no-no on a vegan diet, discover what you can eat. Make a list of foods you’re allowed to eat and foods you aren’t. If you have some favorite meals, check the ingredient list and find out whether those meals are still ok for a vegan lifestyle. If you’re unsure, you can always get online and find vegan recipes and forums to ask questions.

Get Your Nutrients

When you cut meats and other animal products out of your diet, you’re missing out on some important nutrients. There’s good news however! Even though you’re not getting these nutrients from animal products, you can easily use other foods and supplements to make sure your body is getting what it needs. If you’re unsure how to go about this, talk to an “expert” vegan to find out what tips they might have for you.

Find Substitutes

Just because you’re going vegan doesn’t mean you need to forget about some of your favorite meals! There are many meat and animal product substitutes out there. For example, soy milk or almond milk can both be used as substitutes for cow’s milk. Additionally, you can use tofu chunks in your stir fry or grill up a soy burger for dinner. Get creative with these food substitutes for those favorite meals and have some fun finding new recipes as well!

Spices Are Your Best Friend!

You can use different seasonings and spices to make any vegan meal taste delicious. Many people have the preconceived notion that vegan meals are bland and tasteless. We know that’s not true! Discover this fact for yourself by making savory meals using some of your favorite spices and seasonings. Your friends and family will be amazed at how your meals taste like the “real” thing.

If you’ve already made the switch to a vegan lifestyle, what are some tips you have for beginner vegans? We’d love to hear about your advice on struggles beginner vegans might come across.

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