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Whether you are doing a tour of California for a little r and r or frequently travel San Diego for ComicCon, the southernmost metropolis of California, is a great place to visit. Beachy, relaxed and beautiful, healthy food is easy to find in this bayside border town. From my first San Diego postmany years ago until now, lots of great stuff has popped up so I’ve decided to go back and check out some of the new places in and around town.

San Diego is packed with cool little pockets of hip neighborhoods that boast cool places to drink and be merry. One such place is Hamiltons Tavern (no relation to me or my in-laws). A great, English style pub with tons of beers, including vegan and gluten free options, you don’t have to starve at this local watering hole. They offer fun vegan bar food like a hearty veggie chili, vegan sausages with loads of toppings and other, ever changing menu items fit for vegheads who like to drink with their meals (or vice versa!)

In the same building, down the block from Hamiltons, you’ll find Alchemy. A local, seasonal restaurant that serves up organic and fresh dishes that suit all sorts of special diets. Featuring cultural cuisine from around the globe, this healthy voyager was delighted to dig in to the international veggie offerings. I started with the black quinoa hush puppies and ended with a veganized version of their mixed grain salad. Their specials are always new and exciting and if you time it right, you may be able to get in on their vegetarian farm dinners!

In the same general area, you can stumble over for some more beer and delish at Toronado. Another beer based bar with vegan bar food available, North Park is the place to celebrate all weekend long without having to cab it all over town!

Not far from the University, there are a bunch of veggie and health friendly eateries. One of which is Spread. A chic and modern, casual dining locale that features organic produce all year long to make fresh vegetaian and vegan comfort foods (and drinks!) Menu items like thai veggie pizzas, chocolate melange and basil lime sangria will keep you coming back season after season, checking out what new and delicious goodies they are offering. They also have their own line of products to take home so be sure to stock up when dining in!

If you’re in a hurry, fast food is always an unwelcome option. But not at Evolution Fast Food as it’s a 100% vegan fast food/drive through restaurant! Yep, with a fun menu of burgers, wraps, shakes and other desserts, you can eat quickly AND guilt free! They use quality, natural ingredients, have an organic juice bar and are proud of their healthy & eco conscious food, unlike their gross competitors. Pull in on your way into town, grab food on the go while heading out on the town or stock up for a road trip, either way, Evolution is the answer to fast healthy food!

Check out some more of the healthy San Diego scene next week!


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