Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair


This past weekend was the 26th annual Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair, held at Harbourfront Centre in beautiful downtown Toronto. My husband and I have been going to the Food Fair for many years and it never disappoints. The weather was great, the food was fantastic and as usual the Toronto Vegetarian Association did a great job putting on this event.

The find of the day for us was a place called Nelakee Canada Inc. They specialize in vegetarian fake meat. There we bought some Shitake Mushroom Vegan Lamb. I made it for dinner the other night and it was amazing. We also bought Shitake Mushroom Vegan Chicken, Vegan Fish, and a bunch of other interesting looking fake meats.

At King’s Cafe we got to try some fake meats. Everything was really tasty and very meat like. The one thing I wasn’t so keen on was the vegan shrimp, but then again I never liked shrimp before I became vegan so why would I like it now.

We stopped by our friend Renia’s booth. She owns a company called Truth Belts She has amazing non-leather belts as well as woven and elastic belts.

We also stopped by Green Earth Vegetarian Cafe’s booth for some tasty treats. They have a restaurant in downtown Toronto and they make the most amazing vegan turkey. We ordered some last year for Christmas and they were fantastic. We served it to our non-vegan friends and they loved it.

My husband has a sweet tooth so he couldn’t resist trying out some of the baked goodies that were there. We went to LPK’s Culinary Groove for a vegan nanaimo bar, their version of an oreo (it was vegan and gluten free) and a chocolate chip cookie sandwich (also vegan and gluten free). I don’t know why but I always expect gluten free to taste bad, but these were really good. The nanaimo bar was a little on the sweet side for me, but then again I don’t have a sweet tooth:)

There were also a lot of companies giving out free samples. We got to try some of Gardein’s Home Style Beefless Tips which were really tasty. I just hope my grocery store starts stocking them. Yoso was giving out samples of their soy yogurt and soy spreads. Veg News was also there giving away copies of their latest magazine.

We went by a lot of other booths, but I won’t bore you with all the details. Let’s just say it was a great day and we came away with full bellies, and lots of new things to try. Below are some photos we took.

Toronto vegetarian food fair

Me buying vegan lamb

Toronto vegetarian food fair

Tasty goodies at King's Cafe

Toronto vegetarian food fair

Rice and turnip cake

Cooking up some spring rolls

Toronto vegetarian food fair

Sweet treats at LPK's Culinary Groove

Toronto vegetarian food fair

Renia from Truth Belts

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