Vegan Desserts For Carnivores


June 24, 2010 – While dessert is never good for you, Claire Gosse has hit on a way to make vegan desserts appeal to everyone by tasting fabulous.

Are You Sure That’s Vegan by Claire Gosse is an indispensable cookbook for the any cook that wants traditional desserts that taste good without the use of dairy or other animal products. Gosse found that her greatest challenge was “veganizing” traditional recipes and getting them to actually taste good. 

“When I became vegan 12 years ago there weren’t many options available so I had to learn how to be creative in the kitchen. Through lots of trial and error I have figured out how to take many non vegan recipes and “veganize” them. Sometimes things worked and sometimes they didn’t, but each time I learned something new and applied it to the next recipe. As more and more vegan products came out on the market, I was able to recreate more and more of my favorite non vegan dishes,” states Gosse in the introduction. 

She knew that many vegans faced the same challenges through her 11-year run managing her own vegan cooking website, She spent a full year writing, cooking, and researching for the book that would become Are You Sure That’s Vegan. The book features over fifty recipes illustrated with original photography that “veganize” traditional desserts such as fudge and funnel cake, Naniamo bars, and features new recipes for treats like delicious Boston Cream Cupcakes.


All of the recipes contained in Are You Sure That’s Vegan were perfected in Gosse’s kitchen and taste-tested by non-vegans who offered rave reviews of the recipes. Gosse is the first to admit that vegan desserts are traditionally not the best in the taste department:

” I decided to write this book because I wanted to show people that vegan desserts don’t have to taste bad. They can be every bit as flavorful as their non-vegan counterparts. Not only did I want to make recipes that tasted good, but I also wanted them to be simple and use ingredients that were easy to find.


Are You Sure That’s Vegan gives recipe instructions in plain English and features everyday ingredients that can be found in any cook’s kitchen. A great way for vegans and non-vegans alike to make everyday desserts that are better for the planet without anyone ever catching on that they are eating a vegan creation. 

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Contact: Brad Gosse, Yourbrain Media Inc.


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