Vegan Cooking For Carnivores Video Series Launch

Vegan Cooking For Carnivores

Vegan Cooking For Carnivores

Author Claire Gosse has announced the launch of her new video website. The video site presents her lessons, “Vegan Cooking for Carnivores,” in an easy to view video format that allows visitors to watch along as she prepares recipes designed for meat eaters. Visitors to the site can download a free copy of the publication in eBook format, which highlights a number of vegan recipes that will satisfy even the pickiest meat eater.

Gosse is also the author of “Are You Sure That’s Vegan?,” a vegan cookbook featuring 55 vegan dessert recipes. Purchasers can download the book from the website, or order a copy of the full color 138-page book and have it shipped right to them. Those that sign up for her free vegan newsletter can download five free tasty recipes. She also maintains a vegan cooking blog.

Gosse became a vegan 12 years ago due to her love of animals. In an effort to recreate the flavors to which she was accustomed, she began experimenting in the kitchen by modifying recipes she had always used. As more meat and dairy alternatives became available on the market, she began creating her own recipes.

“Becoming vegan didn’t mean that I wanted to live off beans and sprouts for the rest of my life,” said Gosse. “I came up with the idea for “Vegan Cooking for Carnivores” because I realized that while I think vegan cooking is an easy thing to do, most carnivores panic at the thought of having to cook a vegan meal.”

One of the mainstays of many common vegan diets is tofu. It’s made by coagulating soymilk, then pressing the curds into soft white blocks. What many people don’t know is that tofu has little to no flavor of its own, but it does an excellent job of absorbing the flavors of other items. Properly seasoned or marinated, it makes an excellent meat replacement. Many supermarkets now have pre-marinated tofu available that can simply be heated and eaten. It can even be grilled or bbq’d if it’s prepared correctly.

The book includes a wide variety of recipes, many of which utilize tofu, which she regularly cooks and eat herself. Readers will find old favorites that include a delicious spinach dip, yummy butter tarts, French toast, as well as a light and flaky spinach and mushroom quiche.

Gosse also demonstrates through tasty recipes how to replace cow’s milk with some non-dairy options, and provides a comprehensive inventory of all the different types of milk replacements. She also addresses butter, cream and cheese alternatives, as well as those for yogurt and ice cream.

Eggs represent a primary ingredient in many common dishes, and Gosse explains what can be used as an alternative in a variety of regularly prepared foods. She also includes measurements to use when substituting alternative ingredients for eggs, as well as how to utilize them in cooked and baked dishes.

Meat is the biggest challenge for most carnivores, and Gosse provides an exhaustive list of companies that provide meat alternatives that taste like the real thing. She’s even included a section that shows original recipes and how she’s altered them to fit a vegan lifestyle.

“Companies like Gardein, Tofutti, Chicago Soydairy, Silk, Presidents Choice, Field Roast, Tofurkey and a host of others are producing fantastic meat and dairy alternatives today” said Gosse. “there is simply no reason why someone can’t cut meat out of their diet, for just one day each week.”

Gosse became a vegan because she loves ALL animals. She knows a vegan lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but hopes to show people through her publications that tasty vegan alternatives can be prepared and integrated into a carnivore diet without the use of meat, eggs and dairy products. With the recipes and advice on the website and in her books, she’s proven that delicious alternatives do exist.

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