Canadian Cookbook Writer Discovers The Egg McMuffin’s Vegan Clone


New vegan cookbook aims to replace favorite meals with animal product-free alternatives

Orangeville, Ontario, Canada (February 21, 2011) – Vegan cookbook author Claire Gosse recently announced the release of her newest volume of “Are You Sure That’s Vegan” which shows readers how to create amazing clones of their favorite breakfast foods without using any animal products. Known for her uncanny ability to create desserts that taste identical to non-vegan versions, Gosse set out to try her hand at breakfast meals.

“Since I’ve been vegan for so long and can’t remember what some things taste like, I rely on my friends to let me know if something I’ve made tastes like the non-vegan version. So while I was creating this book, they would come over for brunch every Saturday and try out my latest creations. Only the recipes that they approved of made it into the book,” says Gosse, who has been a vegan for the last 12 years.

One of the best loved recipes in the book is called the N-egglish Muffin which tastes just like the famous McDonald’s Egg McMuffin according to her taste testers. Other recipes in the book include dishes like Scrambled N-Eggs with Bacon, Sweet Potato Pancakes, Spinach and Mushroom Quiche, French Toast with Apple Topping and Cheese Biscuits among dozens of others.

All vegan recipes are animal product-free which means they contain no meat, cheese, milk or dairy of any kind. Instead, Gosse uses easy to find substitutions that create the same textures and tastes found in non-vegan breakfast meals.

“Most of the ingredients used in this book can be found at your local grocery or health food store. However, there are a few ingredients that may need to be purchased at specialty stores or online.”

Gosse’s first vegan cookbook focused on desserts and was highly praised by numerous sources including VegNews magazine in their December 2010 edition. Her books aim to teach people that great foods can be made using vegan methods with mostly typical ingredients. The new book can be found at

About Claire Gosse

Claire Gosse is a well known blogger at She became a vegan 12 years ago out of her love for animals. She didn’t want to buy into the notion that living vegan meant eating sprouts and beans for the rest of her life, so she set about modifying popular recipes using only vegan ingredients. Her first book, “Are You Sure That’s Vegan (Desserts)” became a popular best seller.

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