Why Livestock Trucks Disturb Me



The other day I was driving along the highway and passed a cattle truck full of cows on their way to who knows where (most likely to be slaughtered). Every time I pass one of these trucks it really bothers me and it makes me think of how people were shipped off to concentration camps in “cattle cars” during the Holocaust. I guess what really disturbs me is that while I see both being equally appalling, most people drive by cattle trucks and never think twice about it. Why is it that if people saw a truck full of humans being shipped off to their death in over crowded, disgusting (animals have to piss and shit where they stand), too hot or too cold conditions, they would outraged, but they see this happen to animals all the time and never do anything about it?

Poor little piggy:(

Poor little piggy:(

Although it makes me really sad to see those trucks at least I know that I’m not contributing to the problem. I can pass that truck with a clear conscience knowing that one of those cows, sheep, pigs, whatever it is, isn’t going to end up on my dinner plate. Can you say the same? Think about it the next time you pass a livestock truck and maybe you too will decide to Go Veg:)

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