Pamela Anderson: Vegetarian Turned Know It All

Pamela Anderson Stand Up For What She Believes!

Pamela Anderson Stands Up For What She Believes!

As long as I can remember Pamela Anderson has been famous. I was fairly young when Baywatch was on but I remember watching it in syndication and seeing her running in that stretched to the limit red swim suit. My father loved Home Improvement and I can remember the giggles we would have when Pamela was on the screen and how he would blush. I never realized until recent history that she was a strong animal activist and a strict vegetarian. Although this doesn’t surprise me or shock me in anyway I can now see a different side to a person who may have a bad reputation (I won’t go into the many marriages and scandals in her repertoire).

I recently read an article on about her recent visit to Montreal. While there she was doing a press release about the new “All Animals Have The Same Parts” campaign for PETA  the restaurant that hosted the event just happens to have foie gras on the menu. As a very confidant person in the spot light it was her chance to voice her opinion. She requested that the restaurant remove this unethical item from their menu for a vegan/vegetarian option and she would help promote the menu change.  The restaurant respectfully declined. I admire this stance. I would never have the guts to speak up like this, and ALAS I do not have the star power to pull something like this off.

“Anderson then points out that a Canadian chef who owns New York’s trendy Dirt Candy restaurant recently won PETA’s Fine Faux Foie Gras contest with her Mushroom Mousse, a gourmet vegan version of fatty liver.” says the CTV article. I thought after reading this “Why not have both options?” The world would be a much better place if there were options for everyone NO MATTER their lifestyle. Cuisine is something all people enjoy whether it has meat in it or not.

Pams Latest PETA Ad

After the conference the city of Montreal (and all of Canada as far as I can find) banned the campaign for being too provocative/sexist. I can see how the slight nudity could offend super squares. The ad basically shows Pamela in the nude with beef cut names painted on her body… showing that ALL animals have the same parts. A VERY clever ad campaign in my very humble and meat eating opinion.

More celebrities need to take a stance (whether its for animal rights or whatever they believe in) and take less stock in public opinion.  Pam isn’t a squeaky clean celebrity but she is using her fame to bring a voice to those who can’t speak up themselves. So this is me giving Pamela Anderson TWO huge thumbs up from the blogging world.

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  1. Claire Gosse

    July 26, 2010

    I have no idea why this ad was considered too provocative/sexy. It's not like she's completely naked or something. It's funny cause apparently where they were going to display it in Montreal was within view of all the strip clubs.

    I agree with you on giving people a choice. Sadly one of the hardest parts about being vegan is eating out. It is sad that trained chefs aren't able to come up with creative, tasty, vegan items for their menus.

    Great post Meg:)

  2. My Corrie

    July 26, 2010

    Ya Montreal is the epicenter of strip clubs… Also Canada is pretty liberal… I don't get it either!

    Isn't the point of being a chef having the ability to cook what people want?

  3. Kirsty Girl

    July 27, 2010

    Actually Pammy is not just a strict vegetarian she's a vegan. Also… I don't believe people should have the right to choose to be murderers, go veg! =D

  4. My Corrie

    July 27, 2010

    Everywhere I looked said she was only vegetarian but she could be vegan as well.
    But as a meat eater I think everyone should have the right to eat what they choose… whether it be a vegan lifestyle or meat BUT I also think people should be educated as to where their food comes from etc.

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