10 Tips to Help You Jumpstart Your Good Health with a Vegan Flush


Tired of not feeling as well as you know you used to feel? You’ve decided to do a vegan cleanse to get back on track. Great. A vegan flush is the safest, gentlest way to rid your body of the toxins that contribute to all kinds of heart disease and cancers as well as a host of other problems. It’s possible that you’ll feel slightly uncomfortable for a short period as you are detoxing from too much caffeine or sugar or refined carbohydrates.

Here are some tips to help you succeed with your vegan cleanse:

  1. 1. Do walk as much and as often as possible. If you can choose walking, walk. It’s ok to let someone beat you out of that parking spot by the door.
  2. 2. Just because you’re eating healthy food, don’t binge. Remember, it’s the right food in the right amount that keeps us healthy.
  3. 3. Do decide what you’ll eat before going into a restaurant. Lots of restaurants have vegan options these days. Choose one of them if possible. If you can’t, think of the vegan options on regular menus.
  4. 4. Don’t worry about all the days of the cleanse. That could overwhelm you. Just think about one day at a time. But do commit to each day fully.
  5. 5. Do give yourself credit for each day you do a good job. Small rewards are good things, even food rewards as long as they are vegan approved. How about that cd you want or that movie you’d like to see?
  6. 6. Do drink a lot of water (tap water is fine). One of the reasons our bodies are so full of toxins is constipation. Drinking water has a laxative affect as well as being good for our overall health.
  7. 7. Do make dry brushing a daily habit. Use a body brush or loofah all over your body to get rid of toxins that rise to the surface while you are on this cleanse. Dry brushing gets rid of dead skin cells and increases circulation.
  8. 8. Do remember that forewarned is forearmed. People and events will come along as triggers to tempt you to go off your cleanse. Think about how much healthier you’ll feel if you do your best to keep within the guidelines of this cleanse.
  9. 9. Do let family members know that you are doing a cleanse and would appreciate their cooperation. Relatives knowingly and unknowingly can be the greatest triggers to defeat your good intentions. Politely and firmly let them know you’re serious about this cleanse.
  10. 10. Do find out more about eating vegan, either for the cleanse or full time. The vegan trend is becoming more popular so there are more great things to choose from all the time.

The good health you feel at the end of the vegan flush will make it well worth your while. You’ll be free of cravings and maybe some pounds! You might even want to make this cleanse a monthly routine!

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