Vegan Products

  1. Claire

    Becel Vegan Margarine

    I was at the grocery store today and found Becel vegan margarine. It is so refreshing to see a big brand like Becel offering a completely vegan margarine and labeling it as such. Now my friends and family that love Becel can buy this and know they are serving me...
  2. Claire

    Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese

    When I became vegan I dreaded the idea of giving up my Sunday morning bagel with cream cheese. Fortunately I didn’t have to give it up for too long. When I discovered tofutti brand products I was thrilled, but I wasn’t sure if soy cream cheese could ever be as...
  3. Claire

    Earth Balance

    I recently discovered Earth Balance products and ever since then they’re the only butter substitutes that I use. They have a variety of products, my favorite being their vegan buttery flavour sticks. I love these for baking because they work exactly like butter. They come in convenient 1/2 cup sticks...
  4. Claire

    Yve’s Veggie Ground Round

    Ever since I discovered veggie ground round, my fridge has never been without it. This product is so versatile and easy to work with, and can be used in any recipe that calls for ground beef. It tastes great and has the same texture as ground beef. I’ve had guests...
  5. Claire

    So Good Strawberry Soy Milk

    I don’t really like to drink plain soy milk so whenever I get the urge for a cold glass of milk, I pour myself a glass of So Good’s strawberry flavored soy milk. It really does taste like strawberry milk. I’ve even given it to my nieces before and they...
  6. Claire

    Silk Soy Milk

    When I first became vegan there wasn’t much of a soy milk selection. It usually came in 1 Litre tetra packs and had a very grassy taste. Today, we have a great selection of soy milks to choose from, they come in 2 Litre cartons and the taste has greatly...

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