Vegan Candyland — You’ve Got to See This!

Vegan Candyland — You’ve Got to See This!

Something a little different today. Kelly from made this amazing Candyland treat for her son Mac. She became vegan when it was discovered that Mac at six months old had severe allergies to dairy products and eggs. Kelly has always been a great cook and has even been to Le Cordon Bleu for pastry training.

At first she was very upset that Mac’s allergies would change everything she knew about cooking. Then she became vegan, and hasn’t looked back. She loves it now and so do her husband and son…the “half” vegan in her blog’s title is her mother who lives with them who “isn’t quite there yet.” Even her dogs are vegan now. Their favorite treats are carrots, tofu, lettuce, and sweet potatoes. Cheers to Kelly and her family! Here’s what she says about creating “Candyland.”

“Over the past month I think I have played Candy Land with Mac about a zillion times. Boy loves his Candy Land. Then awhile back he said “we should make a Candy Land that you can eat” and I said “sure buddy” and then I started thinking…could I actually make an edible Candy Land?

I decided I would go for it and try to make it as close as I could to the board game version we have. So over the past three days I have been baking and icing and I’m pretty sure I’m literally candied now. It’s hard not to lick your fingers and take a little taste here and there, right?! For the final day of Vegan MoFo, my biggest challenge yet and here’s the final product…

At the end of all of that…I made 12 batches of vanilla cake using the cupcake recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, I used almost 4 kg of icing sugar, 1 bag of Dandies, 3 packages of Earth Balance Shortening, 3 packages of Earth Balance Buttery Sticks, 21 ice cream cones, 3 bags of jelly beans, 1 bag of Enjoy Life Brand Chocolate Chunks, almost all of my natural food coloring, 1/2 a tube of marzipan, 1 recipe of gingerbread and about all of my patience and creativity!

I’m drained but it is so worth it seeing it all finished and seeing how happy Mac is to see it “in real life” as he said. My personal favorites are Chocolate Mountain, which is made of Dandies treats, covered in Chocolate Chunks then I poured melted chocolate over top of those to get some real texture to it to make it look all craggy like the one in the game and I love the Ice Palace (mostly because I had no idea what I was going to do to make it just this morning and some how I pulled it out by custom made gingerbread and icing.”

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