Once Again Law & Order Inspired Me

Law & Order is the... stuff!

Law & Order is the... stuff!

Once again I have had inspiration for my blog post from an episode of law and order. In this episode a woman is mauled to death by a pit bull in the park. The dog was traced back to dog fighting and a crazy murder trial ensued.  It made me remember how big the Pitbull issue was a few years back. I personally think a dog is defined in part by the owner and most importantly the owners that have them when they are young puppies.  I don’t want to talk too much about the issue of whether a breed is all bad I want to talk about finding out how you can help dogs in need whether it through adoption or donation to your local animal services.

In Ontario the OSPC is a very good organization and the best place to report any suspected animal cruelty. I dream about the day when owning a dog will fit into my lifestyle…. and it makes me sad to think that there are puppies out there that aren’t getting the love and patience they deserve. Over and OUT!

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