10 Smart Shopping Tips for a Vegan Flush


Even though a Vegan Flush will give you all kinds of benefits, it’s a big change in lifestyle, no doubt about it. It might be a good idea to do a few things in preparation for the flush, especially things that can keep you from giving in to temptation during the flush. Depending on how tempted you think you’ll be, here are some things to consider doing before and during the flush:

  1. 1. Take a good look around your kitchen. You’re looking for anything containing high fat, refined carbohydrates, sugar in any of its forms, or any meats, chicken, or fish, or any processed foods. If you think you might be tempted by them, take those things out of the house, at least for the time of the cleanse.
  2. 2. Get familiar with labels. Know the fresh foods that will provide you with vitamins, minerals, protein, and complex carbohydrates. Choose the vegan friendly products you think you’ll need. Make a list of the specific things you want.
  3. 3. Don’t be fooled by things that sound like they should be good but really aren’t. For example, veggie chips sound good but are really processed and nutrient free with some green food coloring. Another example is granola. It’s often associated with healthy living but actually can be loaded with fat. There are some really good Vegan Flush books (like Claire Gosse’s Vegan Flush) that can help you with this.
  4. 4. Now for a little fun. Go to the grocery store and stock up on all the healthy, high fiber, low sugar, unprocessed food items you want. Get all the fruits and vegetables you think you can handle. Stick to your list, so you don’t cheat!
  5. 5. Be sure to stop at the organic section. If you’ve done your homework, you know that non-organic produce can be covered with pesticides. Also, if you haven’t spent much time with organic foods, there may be surprises there that you’d love to explore. That’s part of the fun of a Vegan Flush/diet.
  6. 6. Most of what you’ll shop for after the first visit will be around the perimeter of the store, the fruits and vegetables. Knowing this might keep you from going through the center isles where the chips and candy and colas are kept.
  7. 7. Depending on the season, you might want to stop at the frozen foods section. Frozen produce is typically picked when very fresh and then flash frozen, so it might be better than the fresh produce.
  8. 8. Get to know your grocery store. If you know which items are grouped together, it can get you in and out faster.
  9. 9. Don’t shop when you’re hungry. If possible, don’t shop when you’re vulnerable or tired or upset, especially if you know that you’re easily tempted.
  10. 10. So much for the grocery store. If you want to expand your horizons, take a trip to the health food store. This will give you plenty of delicious options that fall within the vegan guidelines.

If you start to feel deprived, remember that a Vegan Flush incorporates many nutritional laws that are best for everyone to live by. If you really don’t like it, it only lasts a short period of time. On the other hand, you might feel so much better by the end of it that you’ll use it from time to time for the rest of your life. Give it a chance!

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