10 Easy Ways to Eat Fruits and Vegetables Daily



We’ve all been told since preschool that getting five daily servings of fruits and vegetables is essential for health. But the truth is that most of us don’t.   A recent Gallup poll found that only 55.9 percent of Americans are eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables at least four days out of the week…..and that statistic is going in the wrong direction.  It was 1.9% more last year!  Here are some easy tips to help you get your daily dose.

1.  Make them more interesting. Sauté some veggies with olive oil and add your favorite spices. Then use your favorite dressing, hummus, or low-fat diet.

2.  Cook more meals at home. Cook at home to save money and be sure to get your nutrients at the same time. Put together some veggie-filled, freezer-friendly casseroles and save time later in the week.

3.  Put them in muffins and breads. Grate some carrots or scoop dried cranberries or raisins into your next batch of baked goods to add another fruit serving to your day.  Easy and delicious, right?

4.  Go frozen. When you’re in the supermarket, go to the fresh produce section since whole, unprocessed produce is the ideal way to get every nutrient benefit. But if you can’t find what you want, hit the frozen food aisle for equally nutritious, and possibly cheaper, alternatives.

5.  Whip up some smoothies. Whether it’s strawberry-banana, green tea and blueberry, or a fruit and veggie mix, smoothies are an easy way to drink up your fruit and veggie servings and get great nutrition at the same time.

6.  Have some salsa. Who doesn’t love salsa?  Snack on chips and fresh salsa, or add salsa to a salad or recipe.  It’s fresh and delicious.

7.  Try a healthy appetizer. When you’re out for dinner, try a salad instead of a calorie-packed appetizer. That way, you will initially fill up on vegetables. You can always bring home anything that’s left to enjoy at another meal.

8.  Grill Your Veggies.  At your next barbecue, slice up a pineapple, peach, eggplant, or zucchini, and grill those, too! There are so many veggie-heavy meatless grilling ideas you can try any time of year.

9.  Have your cake with fruit. If you top your ice cream, pie, or cake with fresh berries, it counts as a serving.

10.  Buy them prepackaged.
Some people have more money than time.  If it’s the preparation that’s holding you back from eating your veggies, buy them pre-chopped or pre-peeled.

Source:  Rodale.com
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