Going Seitan for Turkey Day

Going Seitan for Turkey Day

In the November 18 issue of culinate.com Robin Asbell creates a vegan version of the most traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner. Robin is a chef who teaches cooking and writes in Minneapolis. For this Thanksgiving meal she includes

Homemade Mock Turkey Roast with Stuffing – The turkey roast is made with seitan, gluten flour, tofu and garbanzo flour for tenderness and an eggy, nutty taste, and nutritional yeast and tamari to make it meaty tasting. The stuffing is cubed bread with onions and walnuts. Asbell tells us that gluten flour makes seitan much easier to work, so these days this dish is fairly easy to make.

Basic Mushroom Gravy with Herbs – The gravy is made with fresh mushrooms, rice milk, tamari, onions and spices. The reviewer says that, even though this gravy is optional, it’s too good not to include.

Big Salad with Caramelized Pumpkin Seeds, Pears, and Pomegranate – This is a great wintertime salad with romaine and shallots, pomegranate and pears. Asbell includes a salad dressing made with pomegranate juice, mint and toasted pumpkin-seed oil.

Sweet Potato Shortcakes with Cranberry Filling — These sweet potato shortcakes are filled with cranberries and maple syrup and topped with non-dairy whip or vegan ice cream. This dish can be made ahead.

Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and peas round out this meal to make it a full Thanksgiving dinner. You can get the recipes for all these dishes at Seitan Thanksgiving. They also appear in her books, Big Vegan and New Vegetarian.

Have a happy, healthy, tasty Thanksgiving!

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