Water, Exercise, and the Vegan Flush – The Trifecta for Good Health


“Natural medicine experts believe that disease and death begin in the colon. Old, impacted waste material often reabsorbs into the body and nearby organs and sets the stage for diseases, viruses, parasites, and Candida. The causes of constipation are varied and include stress, hypothyroidism, low-fiber diet, poor diet with too much sugar, fast foods, processed foods, allergy to dairy products, prescription drugs, and lack of exercise.”

(Natural Health Remedies, Dr. Janet Maccaro)

Conventional medicine experts and alternative or natural medicine experts agree on this: water, fruits and vegetables, and exercise are the trifecta when it comes to disease prevention. Here’s why:

Water – Did you know that you are 60-70% water? Even your bones are 10% water. All of life’s processes, from taking in nourishment to eliminating wastes, require water. Water helps dissolve nutrients and carry them to all parts of your body. Water is used for every enzyme process and every function in your body. Human beings can live without food for months but without water for only about one week. Dehydration can cause constipation, fatigue, infections, joint pain, dizziness, hunger, headaches, and dry skin.

You should drink about half your body weight in water each day – that’s pure water (lemon or lime is ok). Colas, coffee, and alcohol are not substitutes since they dehydrate the body instead of hydrating it.

Vegan Flush and/or lifestyle – The core of vegan eating is fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. These are the greatest natural sources of fiber. Fiber is our greatest aid in elimination and defense against constipation. Consistent elimination (several bowel movements a day to at least three a week) is the key to good health. Period. Without it, all the diseases mentioned above and more can occur. It leads to the takeover of the intestine’s good bacteria by bad bacteria. Every part of our nervous system can be affected. This can damage the nervous system, the heart, and the brain. The best defense is a high-quality fiber diet of fruits and vegetables. You should get a minimum of 25 grams of fiber a day. Here is an example of the fiber and water content in some fruits and vegetables:

Fruit/Vegetable Fiber Water (%)

  • Lettuce (romaine) 2 grams 95%
  • Tomatoes 2 grams 94%
  • Broccoli 2 grams 91%
  • Grapefruit 1 gram 91%
  • Apple (small) 3 grams 84%
  • Carrot (medium) 2 grams 87%

Exercise – The experts may disagree about how much exercise we all should get, but they all agree that some exercise is absolutely essential for good health. The minimum suggestion is at least 15 minutes a day, most days of the week. If you like to exercise, this won’t be hard. If you don’t, find something you like. We are really lucky because there are so many things to choose from these days. You can take a walk or join a gym. You can take a dance class or put in a dance cd. Cable TV has more than one channel dedicated to exercise and fitness. You can exercise alone or with a friend. Just do some! Here’s why: exercise reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes, lowers high blood pressure and triglycerides, strengthens bones, helps control weight, reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, and increases detoxification rate.

If you follow these three steps to good health for even two weeks, you very likely will be amazed at how much better you feel. Give them a try, and Good Luck!

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