Chelsea Clinton PROVES We Can Dine Together

Chelsea Clinton Offers Choice To Wedding Guests

Chelsea Clinton Offers Choice To Wedding Guests

So the blogs are all a twitter about the news that Chelsea Clinton’s wedding that will take place tomorrow will have a Vegan Menu. At first glance all you granolas out there are cheering “Point for US, Point for US!” but hold on there sister! The menu will also include gluten-free dishes AND grass-fed organic beef.

Chelsea is allergic to gluten like so many people are these days. This causes a huge problem when it comes to the wedding staple – CAKE! I have a few people in my life who are unable to eat gluten and pie and cakes are hard to get gluten-free.  A cousin of mine makes her own pies and stuffing at Thanksgiving and I actually prefer the gluten free pies to the gluten-FULL ones. Chelsea’s wedding will have a gluten free vegan wedding cake that I’m sure won’t disappoint.

Uh oh vegans hold your breath… Chelsea’s menu will also include organic beef for those who are still on the meat eating band wagon. This makes me happy on the inside because even though Chelsea doesn’t eat meat she is giving an option to her friends and loved ones that may still want a meat option.  I can’t say that I think organic is BETTER than regular beef (I kind of think its a bit of a media hype thing) but having a meat option along side the vegan option is very progressive in my opinion.

I have somewhat expressed in previous posts that I think every meal should have an option for all people. A pork free option for those who practice judaism, a gluten free option for those allergic, a meat free option for vegetarians, a vegan option for those who are animal product free and so on. In a world where religion/personal beliefs vary from person to person everyone should have the ability to choose.  Those who make a living preparing food for people should hone their craft so they have the ability to cook for all people. Let’s face it even if we all ate the exact same diet we wouldn’t all LIKE the same foods anyway. I enjoy eating and when I am at a wedding or a restaurant I want to have a choice of what I like to eat. I once went to a wedding where the appetizer was baked brie drizzled with cranberry sauce and no other option. This would not work for a vegan, a person who is lactose intolerant, OR me cause I just plain hate brie! Nothing worse than going to a wedding and not being able to eat anything.

I am currently engaged (with no date set in the near future) and will eventually plan a wedding. Chelsea’s BOLD move to have options for almost all has given me something to consider and I will definitely remember the CHOICES when the planning begins.

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  1. James Kimbell

    July 30, 2010

    It's not exactly a two-way street the way you make it seem. No one is excluded by an allergen-free vegan meal. No one neeeeds another option. It's fine that there are other options, but when vegans have their choices and omnivores have all those choices plus another extra special option just for them – then it's okay to admit that the beef wasn't necessary, it wasn't the one accommodation to those poor meat eaters.

    I'm not saying the wedding should be all vegan. It should be up to the people getting married – and the people paying for it – and in this case I'm pretty sure not all of those people are vegan, just one of them.

  2. Claire Gosse

    July 30, 2010

    Last year I went to a wedding and left because by the time the third course arrived they still hadn't served anything we could eat (even though we had requested vegan food). We were so hungry we left and went out for a veggie burger:)

  3. Opinioness of the World

    July 30, 2010

    Meg, great post! I think you make a fantastic point on the value of choice. As a vegan, I would love it if everyone ate the way I do. Yet, I would never expect that as I also believe in the sanctity of choice. While it's great that Chelsea is catering to all her guests, far too often, vegans cave to the pressure of their families and loved ones and offer meat on the menu. But it is nice that everyone will be able to come together, regardless of their beliefs.

  4. Herwin

    July 31, 2010

    how about the choiche of the animal ? the animal cannot choose and is forced to spend an unnatural life of cruelty. It is like sex, which is great but if one of the invloved living beings is in there against its will, “freedom of choiche” already did fly out of the window.

  5. Siubhan

    August 3, 2010

    The problem I have is that if you are vegan, and having a wedding (or throwing any kind of large party with food), by serving meat to your guests, you are contributing to the abuse and destruction of animals, and the whole animal/animal-product industry. You (or your family) are the ones that are paying the tab. I am not married, nor planning to marry any time soon, but any time I have thought about having a wedding I have worried about this fact. I do not want to be sponsoring meat/fish/animal eating by supplying it to my guests! But, at the same time, it is considered a big ask to expect all your guests to eat your choice of vegan food.

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